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"We are all here as seeds. Seeds that have the power to influence a genre, a culture ... a whole generation as they germinate. I am a seed, and that's my mission" - e.T.

At SEAD, genre fluid is our style.




Stay Tuned For

 The Experience - A true musical and sensory overload project in the works.


SEAD is the creative releases production house of Producer, Drummer Edem Tomtania and crew

Previously composing and producing under Harsh Musik/Harsh Music Company for Film, TV, various forms of visual media and recording artists, SEAD is our next step.

SEAD, pronounced /sēd/ is the umbrella covering all record production with the same focus on big screen ready content. 

SEAD represents the platform for our future creative releases including albums and singles. Expect Hip Hop music, Pop music, RnB, Jazz, Spoken word, EDM, Epic music, Fusions and crossovers plus physical and digital Art.


TG made

                                                  CALIFORNIA grown




Passion - Strong and barely controllable emotion 



Driven by an insane passion for creating great Art and Music, SEAD is on a mission to bring you just that. Great Music, great Art with flavors from all around the world. 

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, a unique and diverse region where tech meets...

 everything, Our sound is influenced by diversity and bay-area attitude. Go big or go home.

We also represent and showcase works, physical and digital by some of the best local Artists, available in the Latest Art Peace Section



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G.O.O.D Music
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